Ⅰ. Raw Material Quality Control
The company carries out purchasing quality control, purchasing by the way of competitive bidding, preferential selection, and strict inspection of physical properties and chemical compositions of purchased raw materials, guaranteeing that raw materials meet requirements.
Ⅱ. Product Design, Quality Control of Products with Drawings and Samples
The company applies advanced computers aided design. New products and products with drawings and samples can only be put into normal production only when meeting standard requirements during trial-production, test and inspection.
Ⅲ. Quality Control of Product Manufacturing Progress
The competent department compiles strict process files and process flows to improve production and meet process standards in terms of product quality.
Ⅳ. Final Product Quality Control
The competent department carries out 100 percent comprehensive inspection on products with advanced inspection equipment and physicochemical test equipment.
Ⅴ. After-sales Service
Sticking to the philosophy of “Customers Foremost”, the company provides customers with satisfying pre-sales and after-sales service and regards customer satisfaction as our unremitting pursuit.