Once the Japanese brand Mitsubishi Motors, in recent years on the brink of life and death edge. In the Mitsubishi financial system, although the Mitsubishi car's life and death does not matter, but the bitter just straighten out the relationship between the Mitsubishi steam group in China. To this end, Guangzhou Automobile Group once the Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars into the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi plans to put on the agenda. Until Mitsubishi was Renault - Nissan Union acquisition, in the CEO Ghosn's talent, the prospect of Mitsubishi Motors was gradually favored by investors.

    In the industry rumors of Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi is about to import Nissan or Renault products to supplement the product line, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi has chosen the original strategy, the Guangzhou Automobile passenger car electric car products directly into the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi camp, and is expected to sell in Guangzhou Automobile channel The

    For the development of joint ventures in the end what kind of ideas, Guangzhou Automobile Group Vice President Wu Song told reporters that the times can not just rely solely on the inherent joint venture ideas to develop. The Guangzhou-Guangzhou passenger car with Guangzhou Automobile channel, is a complementary strategy, so more conducive to Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi to seize the current market opportunities.

    To create a precedent

    In the just-concluded Seventeenth Shanghai International Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi debut by the Guangzhou Automobile Group R & D introduction of the product: plug-in hybrid SUV Qi Zhi.

    By the independent enterprise products into the joint venture, which is China's auto industry's first case in history. "China 's auto joint venture has gone through more than 30 years, from capital cooperation to technical cooperation, and now has entered the' brand + technology 'cooperation in the depth of the stage.

    In fact, as early as 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi released a new logo when the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi Co., Ltd. Vice President Du Zhijian had told Die Zeit reporter, the future may be the Guangzhou Automobile passenger car products into the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi product sequence to supplement and solve Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi product line is a lack of problems.

    Although the so-called "SUV" family, but since 2012, the first domestic car Hyun Hyun ASX listed, to 2013, Pajero Jin Chang, and then to 2016 of the European Rande domestic, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi to promote the speed of new cars in today's Chinese market which can be described as Is the snail in general, which also let the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi missed a few years ago SUV market blowout the best opportunity.

    Objective reality is that the development of Mitsubishi Motors itself encountered great difficulties, which also led to the development of Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi no follow-up product introduction, and the old rivals and new rivals have continued to increase investment in the SUV market, and now the SUV The annual sales of the market are almost close to half of the passenger car market.

    Empty "SUV family" title of the Mitsubishi Motors, can only watch the rising stars one by one will own beyond. The so-called "poor change, change is through", Guangzhou Automobile Group in such a situation, the courage to innovate its own products into the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, in fact, has also been recognized by Mitsubishi Motors.

    Mitsubishi Motors executive vice president Yang Long said in an interview with the media, the introduction of this model, so that the original definition of Mitsubishi Motors SUV + new energy strategic planning really landed, and this car will be in Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi production line for the import, and in the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi channel sales, which is to create a precedent for the industry.

    Trap plug - in hybrid technology

    According to the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi insiders, since 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi released a new corporate identity since the Guangzhou Automobile Group and Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Corporation unified a new development ideas and consensus. In particular, this year, Guangzhou Automobile Group and Mitsubishi Motors carried out a more closely and in-depth cooperation, deepen the good communication and cooperation mechanism, in a month, the two sides held a number of high-level exchange meeting to discuss the deepening of cooperation matters.

    Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi official data show that the first quarter of this year, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi sales reached 26,000, an increase of 400%. Guangzhou Automobile Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Sales Minister Chen Rui said that the target sales in 2017 to more than 10 million units, will gradually landing "five years of 10 new cars," the product into the program.

    According to information, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi will soon import the Chi-chi PHEV, equipped with a 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine and GMC CVT electromechanical coupling system, the use of self-developed liquid-cooled power battery system, 100 km comprehensive operating conditions fuel consumption is only 1.8L The

    According to the release of the March new energy passenger car sales data show that plug-in hybrid passenger car sales 4615 units, accounting for 16.74%, down 9%, growth of 44%. Although not the mainstream, but the growth trend is still.

    Some analysts pointed out that Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi is currently betting new energy SUV products are plug-in hybrid technology, although the plug-in hybrid products is not the mainstream of the new energy market, but does not rule out its future trends, Toyota's push Power has not been optimistic about the industry, but its product strength to prove their own, is currently being more and more consumers to accept, and better fuel-efficient hybrid plug-in spring seems not too far.

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